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That 12-12-12 kind of love [Photo Stories]

Photos and story by Jeremy

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (1)

Yesterday, December 12, 2012, was the ubiquitous 12-12-12 date – most likely the last repeating numerical date of my lifetime. I read that courthouses were expecting an enormous spike in Justice of the Peace ceremonies because of the unique digits. A photographer friend of mine, a fellow lover of marriage and connections, once went down to the courthouse on a repeating date to photograph ceremonies for couples that had no photographer, and I borrowed his inspiring idea. I was already commissioned to be at the Collin County Records Building for a courthouse wedding at 12:12 that afternoon, so I ended up sticking around for the rest of the afternoon talking to anxious couples in the courthouse lobby.

Above all else, my goal was to share the power of a wedding photograph. And to not allow that very first moment in the creation of a new family to go undocumented. My offer was simple: if you don’t have a photographer, allow me to document your ceremony, and I will mail you five prints. Giving prints over digital images was extremely important to me. Specifically it’s the value of the tangible photograph that I wanted to spread… the joy, gratitude, and love that permeates your life when you continue to look back on your greatest experiences and connections because they are in print. I cherish the photos of my life that I get to look at every day in my house.

Here are the 5 images that I will be mailing each couple tomorrow, along with my experience and thoughts on documenting them.

Tonya and Clint were the first pair I approached. I was pretty nervous; in fact the game warden was on hand for their ceremony, and he pointed out that my hands were shaking more than the couple’s. I was confident my heart was in the right place here, but I had no idea how people would receive my proposal. As it turns out, Clint was really trying to avoid a big wedding, so it did take a little convincing from Tonya. I gathered that he said yes primarily because she wanted him to, and I think that’s admirable. He was a shy guy, and willing to get out of his comfort zone to make his lady happy. Maybe there was a quiet part of him that really wanted the photos too.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (2)

Right after the ceremony was made official, Tonya let out a triumphant “YEE-HAW!!!”, seen below, along with their joyful embrace right after. After five years together, they had made their heartfelt promises.
12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (3)

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (4)

I can’t remember with absolute certainty the name of the man in the foreground shaking hands with the game warden… I think it might have been Rusty (let’s just say Rusty). I’m really happy to have captured this image, because it’s the only image of Rusty’s presence at his pal Clint’s wedding. After the ceremony, while family members snapped photos of each other, they asked Rusty if he would like a photo with Clint and Tonya. Rusty declined, saying he was in his work clothes, oil-stains and all. I wanted someone to encourage him to get his photo taken. A woman playfully jested, “no differ’nt than any other day!” Rusty laughed it off, and he left to go back to work. I regretted not speaking up or just taking his photo with the couple. Rather than thinking it wasn’t my place (I wasn’t hired), I should have made that photo myself simply because I believe it’s an important photo, and I have more experience with wedding memories than anyone in the room to understand that. No matter the size of the wedding: every guest is invited; every guest is valued; and every guest has a limited time on this planet. I was relieved to have this photo though.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (5)

The game warden and Clint apparently go way back, so it was really neat that he got to come to the wedding. The warden was overcome with juvenile excitement over his bunny ears prank, and rushed over afterward to giddily ask me if I had gotten that. I promised him a copy, it was too cute.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (6)

There was only one couple that refused me. They were very polite about it. Obviously I don’t have any photographs of them, but I’m reserving this space for them. I still think their wedding was important, and I genuinely hope they have something to remember it with fondness.

Thien and Keith were the youngest couple I met, by far. I wasn’t sure if I would gain access because their parents were fairly protective and concerned. But once I explained my intentions for approaching them, and the moments I wanted to preserve on their behalf, they warmly welcomed me in their entourage.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (7)

This is one of my favorite images of the day. Thien’s mother and Keith’s father were primping and perfecting their beaming kids right before the judge entered. Normally I have a few hours before a traditional wedding to find a meaningful parent shot like this to capture, but this was something that happened in the span of 5 seconds.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (8)

Judge Paul Raleeh appeared to truly love marrying people. He was passionate about the union of marriage, and even though I realized after the first two ceremonies that he had perfected and memorized the most efficient 4 minute wedding script you can imagine, he still managed to throw in a few thoughtful pieces of rehearsed advice (like, “it’s not about marrying the right person, it’s about being the right partner”). He was also adamant about the importance of photographs, encouraging ALL family members to take as many pictures as they like, and “don’t be afraid to climb on the furniture and crawl on your belly”. I laughingly wondered if he had seen me work before.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (10)

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (9)

These two had a cuteness that was really innocent. Naturally we could attribute that to their youth, but I think there was something pure and deeply sweet about their connection.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (11)

Angie and Ollie have the most endearing connection to the 12-12-12 date: this year they celebrated 12 years together. Clearly there’s a bit of luck involved in getting to 12 years at the end of the year 2012. But I perceived that the unique date coincidence really excited them to tie the knot at last. Angie’s coworker, Keithen, is sitting with his fiancee in the background here as they wait for their turn to be officiated. Every other ceremony had only one couple in at a time. But Angie and Keithen took turns watching in support of each other, and got married a mere 4 minutes apart. I think it’s wonderful to have loving friends on board like that.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (12)

I adored her little veil, and I think it made everything just a little extra special for Angie. And it’s so sweet to want to make the day significant for your partner.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (13)

Having experience in a partnership that lasted over a decade, I understand the type of connection that can be built over the 12 years Angie and Ollie have been together. Angie was the most emotional individual I photographed, and I imagine those two observations are connected.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (14)

It’s difficult to tell at this image size and because it’s under her veil, but a tear is rolling down Angie’s cheek as she kisses Ollie. Without hesitation, this is my favorite image from the day.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (15)

In my view, the outpouring of love from family in support of a couple getting married is as magical as the energy between the couple themselves.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (16)

Keithen and Kerri were exceptionally intrigued by the idea of having their courthouse wedding ceremony documented. Everyone else was still extremely happy about my offer, but these two were really taken back. I realized immediately they were identical to the type of couples I seek out in my business. They had already thought ahead about photos and their importance, but unfortunately something fell through and the individual that was supposed to take photos couldn’t make it. I suppose it was all a little serendipitous to them. I couldn’t be prouder to have stuck around all day to give them these images that I know they will love. They had each been married in the past with big weddings, and wanted this new start to their lives to begin with the simplest wedding, and they included their children as “best man” and “maid of honor”. That sort of adoration always strikes me.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (17)

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (18)

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (19)

I didn’t make creative portraits for any other couple. Time mostly dictated this decision, because leaving outside for even 10 minutes would cause me to miss the next couple getting married. Also, since my presence wasn’t anticipated, I didn’t want to change much of these people’s days. But Keithen and Kerri were the final couple to be married so time was not an issue for me, and they were so genuinely eager when I suggested we take some portraits.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (20)

My first aim, when I pick up a camera, is to make meaningful images. Usually that involves my intimate style of candid documentation. But I will just as soon jump at the chance to make a straightforward family portrait. I believe they are extremely valuable and make a conscious effort to really enjoy and appreciate doing family photos at weddings. I’m making artifacts.

12-12-12 kind of life Collin County courthouse wedding (21)

This little personal project was a wonderful charge to my photographic spirit. I am reminded, by the uniqueness of each of these couples getting married at the same time and place, that my job as a wedding documentarian can never get old nor repetitive nor stale. That I’m not just photographing weddings, but people and stories. We are all so very different in incredibly special ways… in ways that make us precisely us. Photography means, literally, writing with light. I love spending my weekends (and sometimes Wednesdays) writing thoughtful wedding stories.

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20 responses to “That 12-12-12 kind of love [Photo Stories]”

  1. WOW… This is an absolutely beautiful story to read, with beautiful photographs to illustrate the passion you both share in your photography and love. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Amber Minnerick says:

    You’re amazing.

  3. As a fellow photographer I’ve been following you two for inspiration for a while now. This is incredible and so inspiring! You have me in tears.

  4. Mike Tseng says:

    Great stuff man! Awesome way to put your talents to good use.

  5. Arden Prucha says:

    Love that last couple’s extras! Great job. :)

  6. Derrick Rice says:

    Thats so awesome Jeremy! I’m sure each couple will cherish these images that you captured for them.

  7. Sasha says:

    Absolutely Amazing! Y’all continue to inspire :)

  8. Terry Triana says:

    Your generosity in sharing the gift of your talent with these couples on one of the most important days of their lives is incredible!The photography is beautiful, and your story touched my heart. Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing, and as your wife stated “You’re amazing!”

  9. Jillian says:

    Love this. Absolutely amazing!

  10. Vicki DuVall says:

    I absolutly love that you got my sister (Tonya and Clint) in her Yee-Haw moment! Great job!

  11. Rebecca Gonser says:

    Its magical how you can capture an entire life story in one perfect moment! I love your work!

  12. Joe Minnerick says:

    Absolutely proud beyond words, what a generous gift. You and Amber continue to amaze me with your work and passion. As a parent you hope that your kids grow up to be good people and contributing citizens to society and all my kids of done that, and some.

    Love you guys!!!!

  13. Dude, loved it. Great concept and great coverage.

  14. Stuart James says:

    What a fantastic thing to do, such a meaningful gift of being a photographer…congrats! Maybe we should all find a way to do something more throughout the year…

  15. Tonya Grose Alexander says:

    Absolutely LOVE what you did and I greatly appreciate you sharing your talent!

  16. David Miyauchi says:

    A very inspiring saga sir! You and Amber both continually push yourselves to be better and it is glaringly obvious it works.

  17. Soniya Judhani says:

    This is so sweet! This gesture of yours brought a tear to my eye. Loved reading and looking through all the amazing photographs! Simply Amazing.

  18. Jaina Patel says:

    This is amazing – the power of a printed photograph is really something. I’m so glad you did this and shared it.

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